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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mystry of Light ... The Polor Light

Pelikan released a model 'Polar Lights' using the M604 under the special edition series to bring back the attention of this mystry light.

The northern and southern polar lights, also known as auroras, are natural light display in the night sky, particuarly in the polar region. This display typically occur in the upper part of the atomsphere. Sometimes, such display also happen in the day.

In the northern latitudes, such effects is called the aurora borealis. It is named after the Roman goddess of dawn, Aurora, and the Greek name for north wind, Boreas.
The chance of viewing is high when one is nearer to the northern magnetic pole, such as the northern island of Canada due to it priximity to the pole. The best time to visit will be September to October and March to April.

The northern polar light has many names in the past. One of the interesting name is by the Cree people. They called it "Dance of the Spirit".

The southern polar light is called the aurora australis. It is sometime mistaken that it is named after Australia due to the similarity of spelling of the word australis. The word australis is actually a Latin word for "of the south".

As the name implied, it can only be visible at the southern latitudes, like the Antarctica, South America and Australia.

One history fact. Benjamin Franklin was the first person who bought attention to his "northern lights mystry". That's correct! Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding father of the United States of America.
First look on the pen and the impression is just another oridinary pen. If you have a closer look, one will noticed the complixity of the multi-color varnish, and the platinum alloy silver color elements. The ray of light is symbolized by the silver color elements flowing towards the deep black components on the front of the black which are suppose to represent the night sky.

The design of the pen is make complete with a 18k gold nib with rodium trim. It comes in with fine, medium and borard nib. Pelikan also released the same pen in ballpoint and rollerball.

It is available at Fook Hing Trading and other authorized retailers.

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