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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Danitrio Genkai Sunbirds

Sunbirds is the latest theme added to Danitrio Genkai range of maki-e pens.

It is one of the many makie artwork from artisan Tatsuya Todo-san.

 photo DaniTrio-Sunbird-01_zpscdfe078b.jpg

The three sunbirds are painted using Hira makie.
 photo DaniTrio-Sunbird-02_zps777f55e9.jpg
The tree branches are using raden maki-e technique.
 photo DaniTrio-Sunbird-03_zps762f7132.jpg
The crown of the sunbirds uses raden maki-e technique too.
 photo DaniTrio-Sunbird-05_zpsca60390c.jpg
The flowers uses taka makie technique. This is a popular technique that most artisan uses to paint flowers.
 photo DaniTrio-Sunbird-06_zps454ff379.jpg
Like the other Danitrio Genkai makie pens, the pen cap is decorated with makie too.

 photo DaniTrio-Sunbird-07_zps54cd35be.jpg
This beautiful Danitrio Sunbird maki-e pen will be available locally soon.

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