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Friday, May 16, 2014

Mont Blanc Herny E. Steinway 888 Limited Edition

 photo MB-Steinway-01_zpse963cea0.jpg
Mont Blanc launched a very beautiful Patron of Art Edition Henry E. Steinway limited edition this year (2014).

The Henry E. Steinway Limited Edition transparent cap is wrapped by a piano frame.

 photo MB-Steinway-02_zps0a168cb4.jpg
The skeleton piano frame is skillfully crafted using solid 750 gold.
 photo MB-Steinway-03_zps9a0a2262.jpg
Here is a close up of the pen case.
 photo MB-Steinway-04_zps3dc07c30.jpg
another close up picture.
 photo MB-Steinway-06_zpsac90e0e9.jpg
The clip resembles the patented screw used for the bending the grand piano rim.
 photo MB-Steinway-05_zpsc158d9f4.jpg
a close up of the decorated nib.
 photo MB-Steinway-08_zpsf270b5dc.jpg

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