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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Namiki Limited Edition Hina Dolls

Namiki will be launching a pair of Yukari Royal fountain pens for their 2014 limited edition.

Makie master Mamoru Wakabayashi painted the the hina dolls, Obirna (Prince Doll) and Mebirna (Princess Doll).

I managed to take a few pictures at the mini Namiki Exhitbition here in Singapore to promote maki-e art.

The Obirna (Prince Doll) is painted on a black Yukari Royal pen.

 photo Namiki-LE2014-03_zpse9854abe.jpg
It might look like a very design, but the amount of work put on it a lot. Maki-e artisan Mamoru Wkabayahsi using togidashi maki-e technique to paint the prince.
 photo Namiki-LE2014-07_zps0f31eb20.jpg
The right and left angle view of the pen.
 photo Namiki-LE2014-08_zpsea2a599b.jpg
The Mebirna (Princess Doll) is painted on a most loved vermillion Yukari pen.
 photo Namiki-LE2014-04_zpse5431b1f.jpg
The setting is very similar to the Obirna. The makie technique is used to paint the princess.

 photo Namiki-LE2014-06_zps9b25c23f.jpg
Different angle view of princess.
 photo Namiki-LE2014-05_zps307684a9.jpg
Like most Namiki pen, their pen cap is always decorated with flower or plan. The Namiki Limited Edition 2014 is no different.
 photo Namiki-LE2014-09_zps90973588.jpg

Above the Prince Doll, expressed using Taka (raised) Maki-e technique, is a mandarin orange tree, known as “Ukon no Tachibana”. The mandarin orange tree symbolises auspiciousness and longevity, as the orange tree is known to grow all year round regardless of the climate.
 photo Namiki-LE2014-10_zps7d7599b3.jpg

The cherry blossom, known as “Sakon no Sakura” set atop the Princess Doll represents good omen and blessings.

The Namiki 2014 Limited Edition will be launched in October worldwide, with 70 sets individually numbered.

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