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Saturday, June 8, 2013

OMAS Extra Lucens Limited Edition 2013

The first OMAS Extra Lucens was created by Armando Simoni back in 1936. Omas created yet another beautiful and elegant Extra Lucens fountain pen this year using black/yellow celluloid materials.

As you might have noticed, the fashion colour for this reason is yellow. If you check out a few of the big fashion luxury brands, you will notice that they launched their new design in yellow. This beautiful Omas Extra Lucens Limited Editions align with the latest fashion.

The dodecagonal transparent celluloid make the Omas Extra Lucens become the extra original fountain pen. You can see the piston mechanism clearing like a demonstrator.

It is finished with yellow gold trim. The cap is embellished with three little rings and a black onyx wheel clip.

The barrel is engraved “OMAS Extra Lucens”, the numbering and the writing “Italy” are engraved on the cap. If Omas put a little gold paint on the wording will make the wording standout, and noticeable.
After about two months of waiting, it is now available locally and the pen is worth the wait.

Shape: dodecagonal, Extra Lucens historical model
Material: celluloid for the cap, transparent celluloid for the barrel
Model: fountain pen
Color: black and gold Trim: 2N gold plated Rings: three little on the cap Clip: onyx rolling wheel
Engravings: numbering and "Italy" on the cap and “OMAS Extra Lucens” on the barrel
Length: 137,00mm Max diameter: ø15,30mm
Nib: OM81 in 18K gold with engraving of the arrow pattern available sizes: EF – F – M – B
Filling system: piston
Loading capacity: 1,50 ml
Feeder: ebonite ø 6,50mm with 2 capillaries
Ink: black
Institutional Paragon box personalized with dedicated cover box and leaflet. OMAS International Warranty.

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