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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Caran d'Ache Chromatics Ink

While I find the Caran d'Ache ink color is nice, I never like their ink bottle as they are not practical. Caran d'Ache announced their new Chromatic INKredible colors some few months back, but it was only available very recent.

If you think the a bottle of Pilot Iroshizuku is expensive, then the Caran d'Ache is way out of your budget.

The new Caran d'Ache Chromatic ink comes in this funny shape bottle that stand at angle.
This is the first time I received an owner's instruction or user guide with a new bottle of ink. The user  guide contain two owner's instruction
  • Instructions for use of ink pump
  • cleaning
Does it sound like useful instruction?
A picture of the two expensive ink side by side.

There are 12 colors in the new Caran d'Ache Chromatics ink range. Here is a sample which a friend help me made.