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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dani Trio Shakkyo (Noh) Limited Edition

The Stone Bridge (Shakkyo) theme of this Dani Trio maki-e Limited Edition fountain pen is taken from Noh play. It is painted by maki-e artisan Minoru Oohata-san.

Oohata-san uses mostly the taka maki-e method on this piece of maki-e pen. He also uses raden to decorate the costume of the noh character, demon.

 Kanji stone bridge painted using taka maki-e technique.
The same maki-e technique is uses to paint the demon.
The Noh mask on the pen cap is also painted using taka makie technique.
Most maki-e pen will have sparkling gold dust as trimming, not this one.
This beautiful Dani Trio Genkai Shakkyo (Stone Bridge) is limited to 18 pieces worldwide, and come in 18K gold nib. The model number of this pen is GK-1004.

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