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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Wing Sun (永生) Model 52

In a few more hours, we are going to say bye bye to the Year of the Dragon, and welcome the Year of the snake.

Today is a good opportunity to feature one last dragon pen, before we welcome a new lunar year.

While doing our spring cleaning, we found a China made Wing Sun (永生) model 52 pen. This is a budget pen which we purchased during a visit in China a few years back.

It is a very simple pen. The pen is made of resin with steel triming and cap. On the cap trimming, the brand name Wing Sun and model no is engraved. There is no fancy decoration. The steel cap is decorated with a Chinese Dragon. A very standard Chinese dragon which you can find in a lot of the Chinese book.
There is only one dragon on the pen cap. The head is on the right of the clip with the tail ending on the left.
The pen comes in two type of steel nib,  the standard fountain pen nib, and the fude nib. The Chinese fountain pen nib only comes in one standard size.

Happy Lunar New Year!!!

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