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Monday, February 25, 2013

Rumours, Rumors Salior Endangered Mammals Bengal Tiger Limited Edition

The Sailor Bengal Tiger is the last piece of the Sailor Endangered Mammals Limited Editon or the 2012 Limited Edition of the 88 inidividually numbered limited edition.

It is finished by the same maki-e artisan of the previous two endangered manmals limited edition pen, the gaint panda and African elephant.

Master maki-e artisan Nishihara again painted three tigers on this Sailor Endangered Mammals Limited Edition fountain pen.

There are two cub on the pen cap. and one tiger on the pen barrel.

 Like the Sailor African Elephant Limited Edition, the details of the tiger and cub are not there. It doesn't bring our the best of the artisan work, and lack the basic tiger characteristic.

From the picture, the tiger look like it got an eye injury while trying to escape from the hunter.

SAVE THE TIGER!Stop hunting for their skin.

This are just my initial feel when I first look at the picture. The actual may look much better, and will need time to better appreciate Sailor Endangered Mammals Bengal Tiger Limited Edition.

The Sailor Endangered Mammals Bengal Tiger Limited Edition is limited to 88 pieces worldwide, and will be available in March 2013.

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