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Friday, February 15, 2013

Caran d’Ache Buddha 2013 Limited Edition

Last November, we shared the news that Caran d'Arche launched a Buddha Edition 2013.Last month, the actual writing instrument landed. We took a few pictures to share it with you, and you will noticed the actual Caran d'Ache Buddha 2013 Limited Edition is much nicer than the poster.

We were told last year that the Caran d'Ache Buddha 2013 Edition fountain pen was limited to 88 pieces worldwide with each individually numbered, but . . .

When we recevied the actual Caran d'Ache Buddha 2013 Limited Edtion, it was engraved as limited to 108 pieces worldwide. This is an additional of 20 more pieces.

The actual limited number of pieces is 108, not 88. It is confirmed by the local AD.
The top of the sterling silver clip is decorated with a Buddha head.
Unlike the previous Caran d'Ache Buddha Limited Edition, the entire Buddha 2013 limited edition is decorated with different design of the Buddha head.
The picture above show the most common Buddha head design is found in Asia.
 This Buddha face has a sharper chin, and longer ear. It look like younger Buddha as compare to previous picture.
This Buddha head look similar to the previous, but it actually design. Are you able to spot the different?
Beside decorating the the entire pen with Buddha head, there is also the lotus flowers.

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