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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sailor Kurenai (Sunset) Limited Edition

Nature has always been a good theme for maki-e art.

Sailor uses 'yuuyake', which mean sunset, sunset, twilight, or evening, as theme for thier last 33 pieces limited edition series for the year 2012.

Beside the day break, the sunset is the next most significant moment in a day. A sign that indicate to us the day is coming to an end; the time to let our hair down, rest and reflect on our achivement for the day.

Kyoto urushi artisan Kurotobi-san illustrated an abstract view of this significant moment on the Sailor King of Pen (KOP) in ebonite with gold trim.
On the base of the pen, Kurotobi-san changing color of the dark green forest as the sun light shine on it. The beautifil forest gradate from green to yellow with the beautiful redish light seeps through the green trees.
Both the pen cap top, and the barrel bottom, are painted with crimson red color which signify the finally fall of the night.
Like all the Sailor KOP, it comes complete in 21K gold nib, and it doesn't comes in F nib.

This beautiful Sailor Kurenai Limited Edition by urushi artist Kurotobi-san is now available locally.

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