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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nakaya Pen Clinic Singapore

Hello Singapore!

Nakaya nib master Shinichi Yoshida from Nakaya Japan will be coming to Singapore after a three long years to spice up our little red dot.

Many thanks to Mr. Tan Fong Kum of Aesthetic Bay who invited Shinichi Yoshida for a three (3) days stopped over in Singapore to allow our local and neighouring countries pen lovers to purchase Nakaya and Platinum fountain pens and have it adjusted to one writing style on the spot.

Mr. Shinichi Yoshida will meet and help all Nakaya and Platinum fountain pen owners adjust their nib on the following 3 days.

Date: Nov 27 (Tues) - 29 (Thursday)
Time: 11am - 7pm

The popularity of Nakaya and Platinum has grow tens fold, it is expected to have big number of users turn up. Therefore, RSVP your appointment with Ms Ivy Tan at +65-6735-6788 or a drop an email to sales@aestheticbay.com

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