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Monday, November 22, 2010

Parker Duofold Senior Limited Edition

Don't ask us why this Parker Limited Edition is called Senior. It is for sure not a pen only for the Senior.

This new limited edition is another demostration from Parker that they had perfected their skill of making fine resin. This version was made to look like raden.
This duofold is a remake of the older one in the 40s. 

Unlike the other brands, which the pen boxes are getting bigger. This new Parker Duofold Limited Edition has a smaller box as compare to it pre-descendent. However, the made of the box is just as good as it pre-descendent.

When I first hold the pen, it has a heavierfeel as compare to the regular Parker Duofold.

The first time that we notice is the marvellous rhodium (not chrome) finished which we loved. The shine will always be there as long as there are no "abrasion" - damage to the rhodium coating.
And the next thing that we notice is the styling of the Duofold ring. This limited edition come in a one broad ring instead of the usual (two or three) thin rings as the cap trimming. We think Parker wanted to deliver a message that pen is just as fashionable as other acessories.

Like the ring we wear on our fingers which is getting broader. The fountain pen also need a new fashion look, therefore, duofolds ring need to algin itself.

hmmm.... is this the making it heavier????
While raden is a one of the material used in maki-e, it is in my option not easy to create a man-made material that look similar to it, mading such models highly sought after by collectors.

The cap top or the tassie is also decorated with raden shell.
Parker remove their logo in concentric circles or the "parker banner" logo or the spade. This is quite a excellent move. We like the new cap.
When we uncap the pen, probably the first thing that put a smile on our face is the pen section. Parker made it right this time.

Gone are the boring black pen section. Parker uses the same material, raden shell, making it a perfect Duofold for Parker fan.
While this new back doesn't bring up full nostalgic feeling of the vintage version, it does bring us some. If Parker should be produce the same look, it wouldn't be call a remake.

Finally, what make this Parker Senior Limited Edition a worthly consider is that it is limited to 888 pieces worldwide. This is a small number as compare to other Parker Limited Edition.

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