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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Omas 85th Anniversay Limited Edition - Fusion

The Year 2010, Omas has been crafting pens since 1925. Sir Armando Simoni founded Omas (Officina Meccanica Armando Simoni), and took almost five years to give birth to the Arte Italiana collection that immediately position itself as icon one of among the world of luxury writing instruments.

Omas has been crafting been out of rare and precious natural raw materials in the past. And not too mentioned the high level of difficulty in working on this raw materials.

Omas crafted this anniversay pen using six, not one, precious material which represent different period of history which Omas had succesfully crafted a extraordinary balance writing instruments.

Thsi size rare and difficult to work natural raw materials are like Cotton Resin, Celluloid, Woods, Titanium, Gold or Silver.

A more details description of the material used is available on Omas web site.

Like any Omas Limited Edition, it wouldn’t be complete without precious materials like Silver and Gold, the great classics that have always marked Omas Limited Editions history, they are present in the barrel and in the Gold 18K nib.
This Omas numbered limited edition is limited to 850 pieces worldwide in piston filled fountain pen only.

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