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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sailor Sapporo Chin-zu Sugi (Cedar)

This is the second Cedar fountain pens from Sailor Co. Japan. The first Sailor Cedar wood pen was released last year as a limited production edition using the thousand years old cedar woods from the mysterious Islands Yaku-Shima (屋久杉).

This newly released Sapporo Chin-Zu Sugi fountain pen used cedar woods from the Tottori Prefecture in Chin-Zu area, Japan.

Unlike the previous cedar woods, this cedar woods was treated with a all natural technology know-how to harden this soft cedar woods, and making it possible to craft wooden products. This beautiful Sailor Chinzu Sugi fountain pen is a good example.

The Chinzu Sugi (Cedar) woods went through a high temprature compression processes.
The pressing of the Chinzu Sugi is preformed under a hot environment which hot stream of about 120 degree celius was applied while the ChinzuSugi wood was compressing. After the hot stream compression, it is treated with water vapor of about 180 degress celius to further changing the characteristic of the woods.

The wonder thing about this compression technique is no made-man chemical was used. It uses only water and hear, all natural products.
Due to the compression process, the wood grain become closer, indirectly increased the durablity woods and created a more beautiful grain pattern.

Like the Sailor ebony and iron woods fountain pen which we recently introduced, the Chinzu Sugi fountain pen also has the wood scent. The pieces we have got a strong scent as compare to the ebony and iron woods fountain pen.

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