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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Montegrappa Farrarei

Beside the Lotus-Lamborghini, Farrarei is the next dream cars that will be racing in the Singapore F1 Night race.

Montegrappa and Farrarei had team up back in 2004 - 2006 to produce annual edition for the Farrari and Montegrappa fan, which they label them as Ferrarei FA, FB and FC Annual Edition. The Ferrari FC Annual Edition (2006) was the last of product released by the partnership.

We managed to secure a piece of the Ferrari FB Annual Edition for the Ferrarei fun.
While styling and design is the same for each Montegrappa Farrarei design, the major design that is not visible to the eye are the materials used.

The Montegrappa Farrarei FB Annual Edition that is available at our market place is crafted using a mix of titanium and aluminium beside the traditional Montegrappa materials of sterling silver and 18K pink gold.

Both new materials (titanium and aluminium) are well know for their lightness and strength, which reflect the characteristic of the Farrarei and it ability to adapt to new high technology.
The materials used for each Montegrappa Farrarei Annual Edition is different, but all three edition come are finished using lacquer applied in many layers through the knowledge and manual skill of the craftsmen of the House of Bassano.
Every pen is decorated by a real gem: the Ferrari Prancing Horse, hand-finished using the ancient technique of burin engraving.

Each Montegrappa Farrarei Annual Edition is fixed with a 18k gold nib, and is limited to 4000 pieces worldwide.

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