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Friday, April 30, 2010

Upgrade Pilot/Namiki Bamboo

What one can do when you run out of idea, and you need to increase the sales revenue?

In Singapore, a lot of government subsidied housing owner look forward to the enbloc upgrade of thier building becuase they feel that the value of their appartment will appreciate. From my view, the government is very clever in running this programme.

Firstly, with this programme, they are able to get the owner to take out cash from their pocket (S$10,000 to S$20,000). Secondly, they have good reason to move the "money" around, which directly boost the contruction industry, and their own revenue.

Pilot/Namiki follow a familiar direction with thier Bamboo range of pens. Pilot/Namiki give the pen minimum changes, and label the new pen under Namiki, which is position as a preimum brand as compare to Pilot. By marketing the new pen under Namiki, it give consumer more reason to spend. Of course, the price will have to go up, because it is Namiki, and not Pilot.

The only different that we manage to spot is the 18K nib as compare to the Pilot 14K nib.

Will you buy more for the same pen under different brand?

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