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Thursday, October 29, 2009

What is your lucky number?

Here is an interesting piece of numerologiical trivia: way back in year 2004, China Sichuan Airlines spent more than a quarter of a million yuan to purchase a telephone number. That is quite of pile of yuan (the highest denomination of yuan is 100). The executives were confident that travelers won't simply dial the number for flight times details, but felt that by dialing the number, it will also give the travelers a very special feeling of happiness.

Are you able to guess what that special telephone number is?

Numerological symbolism plays a key role in our society. For example, the Chinese believe that it it important not to schedule any important invitation on the 4th day of the month. The AMO may ask "why not?"

The is because the "four" and "death" are thought to be equivalents by the Japanese and Chinese. These two words are homonyms in Chinese. Both are pronounced as 'si'.

The number eight, on the hand rhymes with the Chinese word for "wealth" and is associated with happiness, success and plenty of $$$$$$$$$.

A typical AMO would probably reject all this as mere superstition. But take a look at what name and frame it had bring to Gerald Genta; he is the star designer who had exploit the significant of the eight as a principle of dial design. He gace the watch industry a cult object when he draft his Royal Oak with its characteristic octagonal bezel, which only has eight corners, but also eight edges and eight screws, giving it the number 888. Tiil date, the Royal Oak is still widely sought after by collectors and end-users.

Mount Blanc, a well known luxury merchandise, also pay strict attention to this magical number. Every year, Montblanc will releases its Patron of Art, an especially high-quality fountain pen in a strictly limited edition. Correct! Limited to exactly 888 in solid gold.

Taking the cue from watches and pens manufactuers, Parker released using the magical number eight; they called it Lucky8. This pens is released in a strictly limited edition of exactly 3888 pieces.

The pen is presented in a black lacquer octagonal shape box, and a lucky8 special ink bottle.

If you missed the chance to bring one home when it was initital released, there is one available at hop(e)marketplace. Bring this lucky8 pen home today, and be ready for a big surprise from this magical number 8.

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