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Monday, October 26, 2009

Namiki Yakuri Morning Glory

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Imagine one fine Sunday morning you wake up and look out the window, you see a beautiful pink flower open up, giving you the feeling that the flower is waving at you saying "Good morning Lee, a sunny day for you to get out of the house and do the ..."

As the names goes, morning glory, saucer-shaped flowers and vines which open only in the morning time. Morning glory, in the family convolulaceae contains at least 50 genera and more than 1000 species, is well known to be the best flowers to decorate the our fences and walls.

Here, Namiki artisan uses it to decorate their pens. The artisan uses tagidahsi maki-e (burnished marki-e) and hira maki-e (flat maki-e) techniques to craft morning glory flowers twining around the pen.

The artisan uses gold flake to sprinkle them around the flowers and parts of the pens to bring out the beauty of the morning atmosphere, giving you the sense of morning environment around you.

The pens come completed with a 18k nib to increase your experience of writing.

It is available at Hope(e)marketplace , Aestheticbay, Fook Hing Trading and other authorized Namiki retailers.

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