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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Inky ... my new medicine ... DeAtramentis

Recently, my relative helped us to purchase this new bottle of "medicine", which I hardly have the time to have take it. I am not sure how is it in the rest of the world, here in Singapore, when the kids are having their exam, all the parent (well almost all 99.99%), are all stress out doing theirs too ... I meant revising work with their little one.

When I first get the package hand carry from Japan to Singapore, I was very excited but the excitment slowly disappear when I reached home.

The label on the box say "Exclusive handmade ink with peach fragrances for fountain pens." When I smell it, it doesn't give me the peach frangrances. I double confirmed with my little one... Eeee... "Why the Japan medicine also smell the same as us. Shouldn't it be sweet?", said No. 2.

"Never say die"

I brought my new "medicine" with the label covered in black paper to office to do a blind fold test with my staff. Sighhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

The result was just as disapponting... no peach fragrances, 8/10 people feedbeak it smell like medicine... "nice medicine bottle, the Japanese are really good, even the bottle look different." one of them would say ... In my heart, I was saying "It is not even Japanese... it's italian."

And the worst, this "medicine" costed me S$50 (3000 yen). Hopefully, when I do my ink test, it will give me better satisfaction.

This is HOP signing out.

Oh! Don't forget our appointment at the HOP(e)marketplace on Oct 16 2009 9am. Bye for now!

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