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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dani Trio Saiyuki (The Journey to the West) Limited Edition

This Dani Trio Saiyuki (The Journey To The West) Maki-e Limited Edition is not their latest and not maki-e artist Yuji Ookado-san latest maki-e work.

I like this theme as it is very oriental just like the maki-e artwork. However, this is a very expensive piece of fountain pen and not the average Joe would consider.

For fountain pen users, I think there are better fountain pen with nib just as good or even better than Dani Trio.

I think this is only a pen for maki-e lovers as the theme is good, and the artwork is good, not great.

Here is a few pictures of this beautiful pen.
Maki-e artisan Yuji-san painted Tan Sanzang riding the White Dragon Horse.
The White Dragon Horse is well painted. It has golden hair.
Yuji-san painted Sha Wujing standing behind Sun Wukong.
Yuji-san painted Zhu Bajie looking in the opposite direction as Sun Wukong and Sha Wujing because Bajie is constantly looking for way to do the least work.

The Dani Trio Saiyuki is limited to 18 pieces worldwide.

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