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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sailor KOP Winter Under The Star Limited Edition

Maki-e artisan Moroiki Ikki well known artist whose works have been invited almost every year to the well-known annual Japan Traditional Art and Craft exhibition.

Sailor Co. Japan and Morriki Ikki collaborated to create the "Season Under Star" project. At the time of writing, we do not know if this project will consist of four pens to show case the four seasons or it will just one.

We asked but received no feedback till date. We suspect the deciding factor for the next pen(s) is the sales performance of this Sailor King Of Pen (KOP) Winter Under The Star Limited Edition.

. . . but if we read closing at the information given out by Sailor, it mentioned that it is a unique series of Limited Edition Maki-e Collections depicting famous constellations overlooking the seasonal night landscapes.
On earth (pen barrel), it is decorated with the most popular pine trees using the complex Shishiai maki-e technique. Artisan Moroike-san painted the grass in the backdrop of the pine tress using the Taka maki-e technique to bring the pine trees to life and the three dimensional effects. And the rock using the kaga maki-e technique.
A calm river run between the two rows of pine trees. The artisan using the tiny bit of raden to paint the reflection of the moonlight which is an excellent representation. The raden natural and uneven tone of color just inject live into painting.
The sky (pen cap) was the least interest part of this Sailor KOP Winter Under The Star Limited Edition.

We feel Moroiki-san should have uses the maki-bokashi technique to painted the pen top which should better differentiate the cloud and sky.

A very tiny sprinkle of gold dust on the sky (pen cap) to represent the stars under the sky.

This Sailor King Of Pens Winter under the Star Limited Edition maki-e painting is painted on the Sailor King of Pens ebonite edition. Like all the Sailor KOP pens, it is fitted with a 21K solid gold nib to give the owner the absolute perfect writing experience while enjoy the beautiful maki-e art.

Sailor King Of Pens Winter under the Stars is limited to 28 individually numbered pieces worldwide.

We are lucky to add this beautiful pen into our maki-e pen collection, and looking forward to the next pen (if any) under this series.


  1. That looks SO BEAUTIFUL! Would it be ok with you if I used the pictures and info to write up my own article on the pen at my blog - penandddesign.blogspot.com? I'll link back to your site, and the eMarketplace!

    Thank You!

  2. Hi ML,

    Yes, you may use the pictures for your article. You have a nice blog.