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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mont Blanc The Fortune Number 88

Mont Blanc latest Limited Edition 88 - The Fortune Number, is the most expensive pen featured on our blog.

This skeleton fountain pen is made with rose gold. The lucky number motif can be found on the golden clip set with precious diamond.
The concept of this pen is very simple but complex to execute. Mont Blanc had execute it well and craft a beautiful pen out of lucky number 88.

There is only one design or number on the entire Mount Blanc Limited Edition 88 pen ... The lucky number 88.
No other manufactuer pens have so many lucky number on a single pen.
 In order to own this pen, which cost 6 figures, must be one lucky person.
Mont Blanc attention to details can be see this pen itself. Mont Blanc engraved eight horizontal line on the pen barrel as this is inline with fortune number.
No Mont Blanc is complete without the MB Star.
The beautiful Mont Blanc big and snowy white star prominently embedded on the fountain pen cap. It can easily identify even from a distance.
The Mont Blanc Limited Edition 88 Fortune Number is engraved with a chinese Pa-Kua with a Yin-Yang on the center. This is to ward away bad luck.

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