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Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Singapore ... De Atramentis Ink

Today is my beloved country, Singapore 45th birthday. Fook Hing Trading, one of our local pen retailor, had custom made our very own Singapore De Atramentis Ink to celebrate this significant moment.

A celebration party is not a party without wine and beer. The De Atramentis beer, wine and perfume scented inks is now available at our friendly retailor, Fook Hing Trading.

Today is the right time to go on down, and pick up a bottle of the beer or wine scented ink to get high without getting drunk for yourself.
After one long night of party, wake up with the coffee scented ink from De Atramentis,

Next, go for a walk down the botanic garden without leaving your house.
Start the walk with the violet scented ink, ...
... follow by the cherry blossom scented ink ....
... End the walk with Myrrh scented (Turquoise color) ink, which give sharp, pleasant and somewhat bitter scent that will give you an relaxing effect on your mind and soul.
Finally, write a letter to your love with one with this De Atramentis ISO certified ink before calling it a day.

This document ink will resistant wiping, non-correctable and removable not without fragments of colour. The ink colour has to be lightfast moisture resistant.

Lightfastness describes the resistance of ink against exposure of light and ultraviolet radiation. The lightfastness is divided into several stages from stage "1" a very low to stage "8" an outstanding lightfastness. The lightfaster the colour is, the more complex and expensive the production process.

This is the only ink which fulfill the ISO 12757-2 standard and may use the term document-quality.

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