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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Uniqueness in it own style

Remember the White Tortoise Pelikan that collectors and pen lovers loved when it was first introduced. Pelikan is somehow able to perform the rabbit out of the hat trick and re-introduce the mind blowing Pelikan Souveran M400 brown tortoise. It has the same look as those released in 1994. What make Pelikan Tortoise such a HOT pen? Is it the look? Is it because of Souveran 400 model used? ...

As all of us are aware that no two maki-e pens will be the same, and ... wait wait ... did we hear someone asking why? The reason is simple. They are hand painted. Let us show you two pens from the previous version of Namiki Zodiac collection. The artisan, the design and it layout are all the same. If you take a closer look at the monkey facial expression, you will notice they are different. You will also notice other differences like the color of the face, the clouds, etc.

Now, going back to Pelikan Tortoise collection. As we understand from the people who understood the production process, the manufacturer is not able to control the texture of the barrel. Therfore making every texture of the barrel different, and unqiue. We also understand from another source that this is a limited production version. Once the production run out, it will not be re-produce in the future. Nobody know when the production will creased and how many such pens will be produced. Due to the limited production capacity, each retailer is allocated with a one time and low fixed quantity; in the lower end of 2 digits number. If you missed the 1994 released, we suggest you pick up one today before it go out-of-stock.
As all humans thirst for uniqueness in every possible form, this pen is another hot item to satisfy the desire and destined to become a valuable collectible item. This is a beautiful pen. The only down side as compared to the previous white edition is it price.

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