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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

See Through ...

While watching the Sunday night Channel U 财经追击 Money Week ( Singapore Local Chinese Current Affairs ) television program, a few local who was interviewed feedback that the econmic seems to be getting better, therefore, they decided to change their car. Are we really out of the finance tsunami? After watching so many of this program about multi-national company go bankrupt, restructure and analyst talking about the 'why', the 'when', and 'what' to come ... it just make us wonder why are we in this situation... didn't we learn from the dot com crash ... about the current ('greed') economic system... Shouldn't we be helping each other to make our life easier and create a better world... Are we there yet? (the children ask their parent on a long journey)

Our “demostrator” is not the Thailand red shirt or the Taiwan blue/green shirt, but a writing instrument that allow us to expose their inards so that we can see the mechics of their constuction and operation – especially their their filling and feeding system. The 'transparency' provided us with a clear view of how the ink flow beyond the paper, which is very different from our 'private car control system'. We, Singaporean, need to acknowledge that we are willing to feel the ERP(ain) by bidding for a COE, which in our option is constructed very differently from our “demostrator”.

We would like to introduce the Visconti “Millenium Arc” to the our pen and calligraphy lover. We feel now is a very good moment to turn back the clock to the time this pen was first introduce. The year was 2000, the year of the chinese dragon, Visconti introduce the “Millennium Arc” collection to the world.

It come in 3 colors (red, amber, and blue), with a limited edition of 1000 set. Each pen represent a different millennium. The clip and filling mechanism are both in arc shap, which are suppose to represent the merger of the arc of tiem with arc history – time in motion for 2000 years. The arc iteself represent the continuity of time, from the past to the future. Without history, there can be no future, because nothing can be created, nothing can be destoryed. History has also teach us, what goes around comes around. Before you retire to bed tonight, give youself a 5 minutes quiet moment to reflect the life journey you took the last 24 hours ... Are we there yet?

We only manage to get the red color version. If you are keen in getting the set, we suggest you visit Aesthetic Bay Pte Ltd. The good people there might be able to help you.

Pen Details
The Millennium Arc
Materials: Clear plastic
Nib: M 18K Gold
Limited Edition: 100o piece (each color)
Length of pen (with cap closed): 142 mm (5.6”)
Barrel diameter: 13mm (0.5”)

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