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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pilot, Concorde, quill and rocket

Is it the Concorde, quill or Parker that inspired the Pilot designer back in the 1970’s that make the integral nib so popular that makes the launch of the sexy and sleek MU701 successful. Have you wonder why it was label Mu or M? What does Mu represent?

Nowadays with so may bad news everyday, the release of the Pilot M90 bring back some good old memory of the ‘70 back for some of us... The M90 was released to commemorate Pilot 90th anniversary of establishment.

The M(u)90 design was model after the Mu701 that Pilot put on the market in 1971 (Showa 46 year). It was a great success, but good thing don’t last forever. The production was ceased in 1985. The neck axis is made of a single-piece of stainless steels shaped in a streamlined silhouette that follow a Concorde.

The Mu, also known as M was a series of Japanese solid-fuelled carrier rockets, which were launched from Uchinoura between 1966 and 2006. Japan been a systematic culture, they call their the first Mu rocket, MU 1. It made a single sub-orbital test flight on Oct 31 1966. There was a technology breakthrough in the ’70 on the development of Mu. I believe Pilot released the MU701 to calculate the successful of the launch of the rocket on Feb 16 1971.
Every piece of information relating to the Mu90, its history, design, or science, tell me it is a pen worthily of a place in the collector’s box/collection or a gift to worthly business partner or friends. With only 9000 piece in circulation, we are expecting it be out-of-stock in no time.

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