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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Clip, Clip ... who got a better clip

After taking lead for years, Graft Von Faber Castell finally has a competitor. Cross released a range of C-Collections which has a clip that look similar to the Graft von Faber Castell Guilloche collection. The Cross C-collection design details and finished was inspired by fine sport cars which give it a high-tech look; lug-nut appointment, rhodium plated solid 18kt gold nib, twist-off cap and rubberized front section on Fountain pens. It also come in roller ball and ballpoint pen. It is available in four finishes: Manoco Blue, Performance Black, Champagne and Carbon Black.

While both clip asthetically look similar, the devil is in the details. The Faber Castell clip look like a 'S' letter, and Cross clip look like a bridge. If you look closer, the Faber Castell clip end pointed upward, which is likely to give little or no problem when you slip it into your pocket; it will not pin down the fabric. The Cross C-collection is the opposite. It cursed inward into the pen cap. It might give you problem when you slip the pen into your pocket at a angle.

Next, the spring used by both manufacturers are very diferent. Cross used a long steel bar type spring which sit underneath the entire clip. Fabar Castell used a very small spiral spring which sit undernearh the join of the clip and the cap. Which is a better design? Only time will time. Faber Castell design has been around for years, as compare to Cross new industrial design, we have to wait for users feedback or result from our stress test.
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