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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Namiki Limited Edition 2016 Manekineko 招き猫

Coming October 2016, Namiki will launched their annual limited edition. The most look forward maki-e pen by most maki-e pen collection.

This year, Namiki pays homage to the legend of the beckoning cat (招き猫). A perfect theme for this looming economic period.

The fortune cat (Maneki Neko) on the cap is white with its right paw raised, which it will bring the owner happiness, purity and many positive things to come.

The other maneki neko is on the pen barrel is gold with left paw raised, which will invite many customers, wealth and prosperity.

This beautiful Namiki emporer maki-e pen is hand crafted by artisan Masaru Hayahi.

The Namiki Limited Edition 2016 Manekineko will be limited to 99 pieces, and each pen will individually number.

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