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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Namiki Kabuto Limited Edition 2015 - Kabuto

I am very  glad that Pilot/Namiki decided to launch their Limited Edition 2015 in Yakuri size. It mean "soft landing" on my pocket. At least for me, I view it as Pilot/Namiki understood that the collectors "pain" during this weak market and appreciate our support in the past and would like the collectors to continue with their maki-e pen collection.

The Namiki Limited Edition 2015 Kabuto landed yesterday. It is limited to 170 pieces worldwide. It is now available locally now. I have collected mine. Have you?

Here are a few pictures of this beautiful pen for your viewing pleasure.

PS: The actual pen is nicer that the pictures. Do the local authorized dealer to see the actual before tit is sold out.

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