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Sunday, September 8, 2013


YUKARI ROYAL PARROT WITH PEACH photo Namiki-Parrot-01_zps8b19e44b.jpg
The Namiki Yukari Royal Parrot with Peach is the latest additional to Namiki Yukari Royal range.

This is another fine piece of maki-e art completed by Namiki artisan Masaru-san. It deserve a place in all maki-e pens or art collectors pen cases.

This Namiki Yukari Royal Parrot with Peach is the most colorful and attractive maki-e artwork painted by Namiki artisans.

this is an excellent  theme for a pen. Both the parrot (鹦鹉) and peach are consider symbols of good omen in the Chinese and Japanese cultures.

YUKARI ROYAL PARROT WITH PEACH photo Namiki-Parrot-02_zpsf48da4b4.jpg
This Namiki yukari royal pen are basically decorated with peaches, which is symbol for longevity. Each part of the peach tree has significant meaning too.

Like most Namiki Yukari Royal fountain pen, the artisan uses take maki-e technique to paint the pen. Artisan Masaru-san not only take maki-e technique to pain the most of the peaches, it apply the same take make technique on the flowers and leaves too. It give a whole maki-e art additional dimension, bring it alive.
YUKARI ROYAL PARROT WITH PEACH photo Namiki-Parrot-03_zpsf077cc06.jpg
 The tree branches and trunk are said to ward off evil.

In ancient Chinese, the warriors would craft different type of weapons using the wood from peach tree. And some "magician" made love potion with petals of the peach blossoms, and it was believed it will the men into an intense trance of love.

In stead of the usual hira maki-e technique, artisan Masaru-san uses nashiji maki-e technique to create the branches and trunk.
YUKARI ROYAL PARROT WITH PEACH photo Namiki-Parrot-04_zps1830008d.jpg
The background of the pen barrel is decorated by peaches too, which master artisan masaru-san uses both hira and taka makie techniques paint it to make it lively and additional three dimension.
YUKARI ROYAL PARROT WITH PEACH photo Namiki-Parrot-05_zps7617a0be.jpg
The only parrot on the pen is painted using take maki-e technique with lot of color. The parrot is very well painted with details of the feathers.
 photo Namiki-Parrot-06_zps33c2f262.jpg
While it is available locally, it is mostly out of stock due to the long lead time needed complete one maki-e pen and the demand from the fountain pen users and collectors

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