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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Parker Lady 45

The Parker Lady 45 will not fix the bill for most lady pen in this era. The length of the Parker Lady 45 is just too long

When Parker launched the Model Lday 45 (Parker Lady 45) back in the 1960, it marketing pitch for Parker 45 refilling was as easy as loading the the ubiquitous Colt .45 Peacemaker gun.
What happen to the paper clip?

While standard pens in the '60 comes with clip, this Parker Lady 45 does not. This is not a manufactory issue, but it was design without a clip.
In the Sixty, hand bag is an essential item for the Lady, they do not leave home with it for good reason. The lady wear dress that don't have pocket, and a pen clip will be in their way when putting the pen in their bag.

 The design of the Parker Lady 45 are simple, and elegance, just like the yellow dress wore by beauty above. Simple cutting which show off the coke bottle shape of the lady figure.
The engraving design on the silver cap and barrel is just as simple as the pen itself. A twisted lined pattern it go round the pen.
The simple twisted line cut from the pen cap through the barrel and they are align as your can see from the picture above. The word "Parker" is engraved proudly on the pen.
The pen cap top and barrel bottom has the same color as the pen section. The pen barrel bottom black is larger than the pen cap. A simple way to help identify cap and the pen iteself.

 We are lucky to add this beauty in our collection with it original box many thanks to our good friend CS.

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