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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rumour, Rumours ...Omas Bois de Rose

Omas is adding two new wooden pens to their Arte Italiana. They are the Madagascar's Bois de Rose Noir and Brazil's Bois de Rose Rose. Bois de Rose simply mean wood that is red is one of the loved wood materials till date that have been in use in many wooden products.

The Madagacar's Bois de Rose Noir is sometime as one of the most beautiful exotic wood is a rare and much sought-after materials by many good craftman for a very simple reason. It is hard, resistant and with a high porosity. It is deep red when fresh, but after the cut, it oxidizes to drak violot and black.

If you called Madagascar's Bois de Rose a rare woods, then Brazil's Bois de Rose should be called a precious wood. This wood has been the wood of choice used for a very long time by craftman for guitar backs.

The Brazailian Rosewood is a compact hardwood and has a pale-yellow colour, which heightens with the seasoning, becoming pinkish red.

Due to the intensive harvesting for many decardes, the Brazilian government and International Treaty banned export of this wood in 1991 in order to allow the remaining forests to recover.

During the XVIII and XIX centuries, it was strongly used by the French and English cabinet makers for inlaid works or veneerings because of its refined chormatic effects. Even today, Brazilan rose wood being a wood it is difficult to carve, it is still the essential for decorarve purposes, delicate inlaid works, precious jewels cases, and repair of ancient furniture.

Omas choose this exotic materials to combine with their harmonious shapes design of it Milord collections of pens, which comes in solid silver trim, give these new addition a elegant and refresh comptempory feel.

It is truely worth a consideration for those who love the truly unique and "handmade" product.

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