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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Justin

Today (May 12, 2010) is my 2nd son birthday. He is born year of horse. Therefore, I would like to introduce a solid gold pen to him and our readers.

The picture show here is a 1997 Stipula Laurus Limited Edition pen. It gold edition is limited to 198 pieces worldwide, and the silver edition is limited to 398 pieces worldwide.
Paolo Cerrini uses the lost was technique and bass relief, casted the frenzied racing horse on the 18K gold barrel.
The head of the winning horse is protruded from the barrel, and a laurel wrealth encircles its neck.
In order to provide the winning head the focus or highlight, the sculptor uses white gold for the head of the winning horse in the 18k gold version and gold for the silver version.
My son was diagnosed of ADHD.
Now, he is working up to catch up with the other "normal" kids in his class.
Occassionally, before we put him to bed, he will tell us he feel like a loser as he is having problem communication to his classmates, nobody want to play with him and having problem coping with his school work. Our tears started to fall.
Thanks God that he is a cheerful child, and we are blessed with good friends and parent support.

We are now trying our very best within our resouces availablity to support and help him in all his needs.
We pray that he will be like the horse in this Stupila pen, strong and maintain a positive outlook on life.
And become a winner at the "end of the road". Amen.
Happy Birthday My SON!!

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